When it came out, it got bad press. And it hurt Charles Laughton. I think he was really sensitive, as all genius artists are. And he never made another film. Night of the Hunter is frequently regarded as the greatest movie of all time now. Now, I’m not putting Clarence up there. All I’m saying is, The Book of Clarence is a classic.

So you got Jay-Z in his full movie producer bag. What’s Movie Night with Jay like?

Well, he’ll do screenings at his house. Jay-Z doesn’t live in a house, he lives in a spaceship. And we call his house—this is a fact, ask him—we call it the Three-Course Carters. In that house, you have three courses of everything. There’s nothing you don’t have three courses in. If you ask for water, you’ll get still, sparking, and a glass with a touch of fruit. It’s the best restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life, until I went to Regina King’s house. Regina King is the best chef in the history of chefs. And I don’t know how long this article is, but Regina King’s cooking—she’s the best cook. Jay-Z’s [house] is the best restaurant. Beyoncé, she knows I’m addicted to banana bread: “Look, Jeymes, we get the banana bread on Wednesdays.” So if it’s Wednesday, I’ll go around there for my banana bread.

And then Jay will play his movies on the outside patio, or he’ll go in the movie room. It’s whatever film he’s showing that day, and three courses of the best meal you’ve ever had in your life.

So, the Roc-a-fella Alamo Drafthouse?

Oh my God. It’s the best food you’ve ever had in your life. Now, Regina King—people serve you ice cream. She literally makes ice cream from scratch. Me and Jay Electronica call Regina ICFS, Ice Cream From Scratch. What the hell? But back to Jay. Collaboration with Jay-Z is just like breathing. Every single minute we speak is creativity. We’re always, always creating. So we were working on The Harder They Fall and The Book of Clarence, both of them, right from 2011, around the time of They Die By Dawn, my short film—he was helping me get some casting. Always cooking. Met in 2010, when I was producing Jay Electronica.

So this is the completion of, basically, a 20-year odyssey for you. What did you learn about yourself, finishing the film, reaching the end of this journey?

[laughs] You know why I laughed, Frazier? We have to be mature. I have to say “I learned a lot about myself, I discovered such and such.”

The coiffed answer.

But with our careers, are we meant to tell the truth or are we meant to give people what they want to hear? I think the truth is sometimes a bit of both. But—seriously, if you write this, say that both you and I were laughing—what I [really] learned about myself is, Oh—I’m more of a G than I thought.

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