Winter can be a real bummer. But the best sweatshirts on sale might be the saving grace of the season, leaving you feeling toasty—and your wallet feeling lucky as hell. So allow us the opportunity to wax philosophical on sweatshirts for a moment: they’re so carefree, so quotidian, that it can be easy to take them for granted. And yet, we’d struggle to name another item worn as frequently—or loved as much—as a truly great hoodie. In other words, we tend to put the least amount of thought and buying intention into one of things we wear most. Call it the pullover paradox, if you will.

The Discount Sweats Hit List

Anyways, we think about sweatshirts. A lot. All kinds, too: expensive ones, cheap ones, paneled ones, boxy ones, hooded ones, zippered ones, and, well, you get the point. Is that normal? Probably not—but because we think about ‘em so much, we’re uniquely qualified to round up the very best sweatshirts on sale, and deliver them straight to you, your trembling torso, and your soon-to-be-grateful wallet. Wear responsibly, and stay cozy out there.

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