People in long-distance relationships: If your toy can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app, odds are good that you can send your long-distance partner an invitation to operate your toy from afar using their own phone. Until technology progresses to the point that we can hook up with each other’s holograms, this is the closest you can get to having sex with a faraway paramour.

People with chronic pain or a disability: If you find it difficult to manually operate sex toys because of pain, muscle strength issues, and so on, a remote-control toy is also a great workaround to consider, whether you plan to use it on yourself, on a partner, or both.

With all that in mind, here are some of the best remote-control sex toys.

The Best Remote Control Vibrator for Couples: Sync O

Battery Life: 2.5 hours
Material: Silicone
How to Use: Apply water-based lube to the O-shaped part of the toy before inserting it vaginally, positioning the external arm so it sits on your clitoris. Then, press the main button on the toy or use the included remote to power it on, pressing the plus and minus buttons to switch up the vibration intensity and the arrow buttons to toggle between vibration modes. You can even sync the toy up to the We-Vibe app.

We-Vibe’s flagship product is meant to be “worn” during intercourse to provide some extra stimulation for both partners, though it can level up masturbation or non-penetrative types of sex, too. This latest version is different from previous iterations in that its internal portion is shaped like an “O,” which helps the toy stay in place better during sex. It’s ideal for any time you want G-spot and clit stimulation simultaneously. “The combination of internal and external vibrations feels fantastic, and it fits really well,” one reviewer wrote.

Pros: Strong, rumbly vibrations; 10+ different vibration modes; “O” shape for more secure placement; adjustable fit; can be controlled via remote or smartphone app for short-distance or long-distance play; includes a travel pouch; waterproof; quiet
Cons: May be uncomfortable if you have a small vagina or a large penis

The Best Remote Control Panty Vibrator: Ferri

Battery Life: 3 hours
Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
How to Use: Hold down the power button for three seconds to turn the toy on or off. Use the same button to cycle through its settings, or control it through the Lovense app.

Wearing a vibrator in public can be nerve-wracking if you don’t trust the vibrator to stay put (or stay quiet), but the Ferri solves those issues so you can just focus on pleasure. This toy comes with a magnetic clip that secures it in the exact right position inside your underwear for discreet clitoral stimulation. “This product is amazinggggg for long-distance relationships and even solo play,” one Amazon reviewer raved.

Pros: Magnetic design keeps toy anchored in your underwear; strong and rumbly vibrations; three vibration intensity levels and 10+ vibration patterns; contoured shape targets the clitoris; can be used long-distance; waterproof
Cons: Magnetic cap is easy to lose (although it does come with one replacement cap); does not come with a remote and can only be remotely controlled via your phone

The Best Remote Control Vibrating Egg: Wellness Imara

Battery Life: Up to 45 minutes
Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
How to Use: Hold down the button on the vibrator for a few seconds to turn it on, or tap the power button on the remote. Toggle between the plus and minus buttons on the remote to change the vibration intensity and the arrow buttons to switch up the vibration mode.

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