“Life in the Anthropocene is defined by a palpable sense of dread—and, in bursts, fury—about the future. How to Blow Up a Pipeline, a queasily relevant thriller based on Andreas Malm’s manifesto of the same name, is perhaps the first film to capture that anxiety onscreen. It’s like a bunch of crust punks made Ocean’s Eleven, with a group of environmental activists, each with their own motives, attempting to do the act promised in the title. It’s shocking that this incendiary movie was made; it’s yet more shocking that it remains so underseen.”—Jake Smith, Commerce Writer


“The moment M3GAN, the titular antihero of the year’s finest high-camp slasher, started singing ‘Titanium,’ it was over: Cinema’s finest killer doll had arrived. Her movie is a feast for the fabulous and the terminally online, with a winking (but still great) Allison Williams performance, a murderous dance routine involving a paper cutter, and an Alessandro Michele-era Gucci wardrobe. If all you’ve seen of the movie is that one GIF, you owe yourself the full experience.”—JS

They Cloned Tyrone

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