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The Best Baseball Cap That Needs No Introduction

With over 150 years in the hat game, Buffalo-based New Era is the undisputed leader when it comes to whipping up caps that let you rep your favorite team with pride. The New York Yankees cap needs no introduction—no matter where you’re from, it’s a global emblem of cool. Constructed from a durable cotton that looks better the longer you wear it, it just might be the quintessential NYC cap. Few people wear MLB headwear quite like Tyler, the Creator, but you’ve got to try.

The Best Baseball Cap for Cool Guys


Love & Peace and Beethoven Trucker Cap

Peace, love, and good fits (or something like that). When Kapital’s not churning out their specialty of perfectly spliced denim, they make an equally covetable cap. A mix of neoprene and mesh panels painted over with a slogan we can all get behind, the trucker cap is a fashionable rift on a laid-back classic. Pair with your finest denim for a look that lets ‘em know the boss (you) have arrived.

The Best Baseball Cap from the Sport’s Heyday

If you want to feel like a baseball legend—or at least wear the same cap they were sporting back in the day—Ebbets Field Flannel is your go-to. Handmade from the same wool cloth that greats like Jackie Robinson sported while wowing the crowd, their caps are made to last and be passed down to the next generation of fans. Doesn’t matter if you’re repping the East or the West, they’ve got a wooly cap for you.

The Best Baseball Cap for Serious Runners

It should come as no surprise that one of the best running brands knows how to make a baseball cap that can withstand a lap (or 10). Using a recycled cooling mesh for the body and spongy EVA foam for the brim, Ciele’s RDCap is flexible, lightweight and, most importantly, comfortable to work for hours on end. If you were looking for a cap that could block out the sun while keeping sweat from dripping down and blocking your view, look no further.

The Best Baseball Cap for Rainy Days


Waxed Canvas Baseball Cap

Crafyed from the same water-resistant waxed canvas as their iconic field jacket, Barbour’s baseball cap is made for the long haul. With a durable body that’ll keep you from looking like a miserable, soaking sap (at least at the top), it’s a no-brainer accessory for days that have a little rain thrown into the mix. It’s like functional blank slate, best paired with your broken-in chore coat or burliest denim for an unstoppable fit.

The Best Baseball Cap for Hardcore Fashion Freaks


DIY Metal Outline Adjustable Baseball Cap

A frayed brim with a double piercing and chunk bitten out the side—doesn’t get freakier than that. Balenciaga is no stranger to pushing the envelope with their designs that rely on comically big proportions in a punky, jet-black color palette. But if their usual offerings are a little too extreme for your daily tastes, an easy way to join the fold is by way of their surprisingly versatile accessories. Aside from being a de facto statement piece, this baseball cap has all the fixings to elevate an otherwise boring fit while offering much-needed sun protection.

The Best Baseball Cap for Getting Shit Done

A cap Paul Atreides would approve of if he were battling weary co-commuters for space on the train instead of giant sandworms on the deserts of Arrakis. From the brand that’s had 75+ years of perfecting their bestselling work jacket, Carhartt’s sunwashed, 5-panel cap was built to block the heat. With a sturdy cotton body featuring an adjustable strap for a tailored fit, it’s the perfect midweight topper for when temperatures get testy.

The Best Baseball Cap for Dads (and Literally Everyone Else)

As you get older you come to realize two things simultaneously: your parents had some questionable takes on many things—and were very right about others. The latter probably includes their longstanding affinity for mail-order catalogs—“they just don’t make ‘em like they used to”—with L.L.Bean front and center. These days, the Bean makes everything from toasty flannels to the tote bag that has inspired countless imitations. The brand’s classic baseball cap is no different. Made from 100% cotton, it’s a breathable basic that looks good year-round, whether or not you’ve got any household chores on the agenda.

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