Shortly after Complex published an article detailing some of the worst streetwear and designer bootlegs found on Temu, a source confirmed with Complex that many of the fake items we highlighted, (like Speedemon BS-6s and Kenye West x Child Kudi ‘Kids See Spectre’ crewnecks) were removed from the online marketplace.

It’s worth noting that Temu is a platform that connects third-party sellers to consumers. While some Temu sellers are clearly violating intellectual property laws, the company holds a firm stance against such products. In fact, anyone who’s authorized to act on trademarks or intellectual property can send a notice of infringement through a portal on Temu’s website if they find their items are being bootlegged.

While Temu attempts to remove anything that violates intellectual property/copyright laws, a good amount of fakes are still able to filter through. Complex did not link out to Temu’s product listings within our original article, we can confirm that most of the dupes it highlighted have been removed from the marketplace. However, we managed to find even more crazy fakes, which can be seen below. 

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