The most important thing here, obviously, is that Kat’s cat was keeping her company the entire time. Swift herself is a mom to three felines, so it’s not only appropriate but kind of perfect that there are probably cat hairs embedded in the beanie.

Kat explained that she stitched “87” (Kelce’s number) on the hat because, though Swift is associated with the numbers 13 (her birth date) and 89 (her birth year), she didn’t want to accidentally start some rumor that Swift was there to see Nazeeh Johnson or Matt Bushman, who wear numbers 13 and 89 for their team, respectively.

Obviously, Swift liked the beanie and probably appreciated having a one-of-a-kind item to keep her warm in New England. If you want one of your own, bookmark this DePop page for when orders open up again. Kat is still catching up on orders, but she can customize the number and is selling them for the reasonable price of $30. Cat not included.

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