In fact, you remember the awkward moment because they immediately cut to Taylor Swift’s reaction, instantly disproving his point—not to mention all the other times the camera operators panned to Swift throughout the night….

Was this an egregiously offensive line? Meh. It wasn’t nearly as bad as his gross dig at the Barbie movie. But is it understandable that Swift would prefer to be celebrated for her record-breaking concert film over being used as the butt of a corny joke? Of course!

It’s definitely part of the reason some fans believed Swift simply left the awards show altogether after The Eras Tour lost the Globes’ new cinematic and box office achievement award to Barbie. “90% sure Taylor has left the event she hasn’t been seen since Barbie,” one fan wrote online, per TMZ screenshots. Another joked, “She’d be like, ‘well I didn’t win, this show is shitty, there’s nothing to do here anymore and the host sucks, bye!!’”

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