London jeweller Serge DeNimes has launched its Spring/Summer 2024 accessories collection, unleashing an expansive line-up of artisanal and sculptural creations.

The collection includes a wide assortment of rings, bracelets and earrings, which have been crafted using 925 Sterling Silver and vegan-friendly Shell Pearls. Among them, the Molten ring takes on a drip-like appearance; the Mushroom earring feature a small fungi charm, and the Bamboo Ring commands the finger with its rigid shape.

“We’ve taken cues from Surrealism’s boldness and merged it with nature’s elegance,” explains Ollie Proudlock, founder of Serge DeNimes, in a statement. “The fusion of elements such as body parts, insects, and horticulture in our collection captures the essence of Surrealist intrigue while retaining a sense of familiarity.”

You can cop the ‘Surrealism’ collection now from the Serge DeNimes webstore.

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