There are a lot of Can’t Miss deals out in the world today, it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth buying. Lucky for me, it’s my job to track this stuff. I can tell you there are a ton of 20-percent-off plus an extra 15-percent-off type of sales happening on the daily. It all feels a bit nebulous and sometimes even a bit made up. How much is this thing actually worth? How much are you actually saving?

Thankfully, our friends at Samsung aren’t taking part in that “extra, extra” bullshit. From now until April 11th, the brand is doing a classic 2-for-1 deal. That’s right, buy one TV and get one for free. It’s unheard of in the internet era, but if you buy any 2024 flagship model TV, you get an extra 4K TV thrown in for free.

Samsung 55-Inch Frame TV + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

55-Inch Frame TV + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

Samsung 55-Inch Frame TV + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

Now 23% Off

Let me clarify: you’re not getting the same model of TV for free. That would be a great way for Samsung to burn money. Instead, you get Samsung’s entry-level TV, a 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K TV for free when you purchase one of the new 2024 models.

In terms of viewing, the average consumer is not going to see a difference between Crystal UHD TV the much more expensive QLED or OLED. A QLED TV has a proprietary Quantum dot panel that makes colors and contrast more vivid, OLED does something similar with newer tech, but besides that they’re about the same. Plus, in the Crystal UHD TV, you get all the smart features of a Samsung TV. So, you are effectively getting the two nicest TVs you’ve ever owned, only for the price of the more expensive one.

Samsung 65-Inch QLED + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

65-Inch QLED + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

Samsung 65-Inch QLED + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

Now 14% Off

Ok, now let me tell you how you can get the best bang for your buck here. First off, it’s with The Frame TVs. We’ve already talked at length about how The Samsung Frame is our favorite TV on the planet, so I would recommend it anyway. But, the real kicker here is the initial price point. At 55 inches, a Frame costs $2,445. At 43 inches, it costs $1,945. Those are the cheapest flagship TVs Samsung makes, but like I said, they’re the best by far.

Personally, I don’t think most people care about super high-tech OLED and QLED pictures. So, you buy The Frame, which elevates the look of your home and saves energy, and that free $500 TV is a bigger chunk of the price you put into this duo. Thus, you’re getting the best possible deal.

That said, if you are a freak about picture quality, you can buy either a QLED or OLED TV and get the same $500 free TV as well. You’ll be paying closer to $3,000 for a TV, so it won’t feel like as good of a deal. Still, you are getting two TVs for the price of one. If you want a best-in-class QLED or OLED TV for the living room, and a heavy-use Crystal UHD for the bedroom, entertainment room, or sports cave, you can do that.

SAMSUNG 65-Inch OLED + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

65-Inch OLED + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

SAMSUNG 65-Inch OLED + 65-Inch Crystal UHD 4K

Now 12% Off

This sale is happening with any of Samsung’s 2024 flagship TVs, either on Amazon or So, you can mess around with which TV gives you the price you like the most, and go with that. I still say you should buy a Frame, but it is, of course, your decision.

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