In our turbo-charged world, haute horology isn’t about gawking at hype watches as mere wrist candy—it’s about taking a beat to embrace each of these works of art as a core chapter of its wearer’s life story.

Partnering with legacy names like Chopard, Grand Seiko, Omega, and Longines, Watches of Switzerland is putting the latest in watchmaking directly into the hands of consumers. With its new “Anytime. Anywhere.” campaign, it zeroes in on the individuality of its collectors, syncing up the distinct style of an eclectic coterie of travel, cuisine, fashion, and music icons with each one’s ideal watch. The featured timepieces are, naturally, the freshest drops, the cream of the crop in the watch universe.

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Watches of Switzerland

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Watches of Switzerland

Rōze Traore is at the forefront of Longines’ portion of the campaign, embodying the brand’s seamless blend of tradition and innovation. Traore was born in Washington, D.C., and brought up in Côte d’Ivoire, and that dual heritage is the secret ingredient in his cuisine. The 32-year-old chef honed his skills in top-tier New York kitchens, but it’s not just his culinary prowess that turns heads: At 6’5″ with sharp cheekbones, Traore’s also a sought-after model for many a fine luxury brand.

His latest endeavor is a hotel called La Fourchette de Rōze, nestled in Côte d’Ivoire’s palm-fringed town of Grand-Bassam. Positioned on the area’s picturesque beaches, the hotel is luring a global crowd that’s keen on exploring West Africa’s rising surf and fashion and art scenes. With six deluxe rooms and 13 beach bungalows, it’s a window into Traore’s vision of refined luxury mixed with deep heritage. His dedication to blending and celebrating diverse cultures at La Fourchette de Rōze has solidified his position as an iconic and emblematic figure—one who aligns well with Longines’s global-minded, innovative character.

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Watches of Switzerland

Much as Traore skillfully blends tradition with innovation, Longines artfully merges timeless elegance with modern sophistication. Its collection is a narrative of enduring craftsmanship and precision, a story the brand has been telling since 1832. In the campaign, Traore embodies this spirit personally, donning the Longines Legend Diver Watch, a prime example of the company’s simultaneous commitment to classic design and cutting-edge technology.

This jewel in the crown that is Longines’s Heritage collection, now sports bold blue and brown hues, adding fresh flair to the classic. It’s also a tip of the hat to the brand’s storied past, revamping the 1960s-era diver watch with contemporary features like dual screw-in crowns, and a watertight screw-down caseback capable of going as deep as 984 feet.

Traore’s resilient versatility and Longines’s enduring legacy each remind us in their way that in our fast-paced world, savoring the craft and story behind a style icon is more than simple luxury—it’s an invitation to reflect on and appreciate the fleeting nature of time itself.

Longines Legend Diver 42mm Men's Watch
Longines Legend Diver 42mm Men’s Watch
Spirit Zulu Time 42mm Mens Watch
Longines Spirit Zulu Time 42mm Mens Watch

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