Cam’ron didn’t just drop a new verse for Fieg. The Dipset member is also the star of Kith’s Spring 2024 collection. Like the “Last Stop” video, the campaign was shot in a New York City subway car covered in floral arrangements by Venus et Fleur, one of Kith’s most recent collaborators. A baby blue trench coat with crochet piping that he wears in one photo is a nod to Cam’s bar, “Full-length trenches, y’all/Yeah, I’m from the trenches, y’all.” The pink hooded bomber jacket was inspired by him.

“When I thought about how colorful [the Spring 2024 collection] would be, a lot of pinks and reds, the first person that popped into my mind was Cam,” says Fieg. “I swear I had Cam in mind when we designed this like 10 months ago.”

While you may assume this all means Ronnie Feig is executive producing a full Kith album, à la I Know Nigo, that isn’t on his radar just yet. Instead, he hopes to keep tapping into his network of friends and past collaborators, which include legendary figures such as Mase, Jadakiss, and the Wu-Tang Clan, to soundtrack future Kith collections. 

“This new entry into music is not where the company is looking to make its money,” says Fieg. “The intention is to work with artists that I love, and for me to be able to use the moments that I have for these seasons to highlight some of my favorite artists in my lifetime, to have a new soundtrack and a feel for the product that releases during these seasons.”

Read more from our rare interview with Fieg as he takes a deeper dive into Kith’s latest milestone, working with Cam’ron, ‘90 hip-hop shaping his passion for product, and more.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

You said you tried to do the whole Kith Records thing and jump into music before this.  What stopped you in the past that you finally were able to overcome this time around?
The educational part of the business for music is really a lot more complicated than one would think. I had to go through it. I had to learn about it and go through it the hard way after getting invested in the idea. I don’t want to give up what it was and who it was with because I’m still, two and a half years later, trying to make it work. We had this one track two and a half years ago where this idea was actually the same idea I had, but for the Summer collection. We had the song made, and then we shot the video for the song. There were three artists involved, and I brought them on.

It was one artist’s song that I heard seven years ago. I heard this track from this artist that I haven’t heard in a long time. Like, you haven’t heard music from this person in a while. I was like, “Wow, that’s incredible.” That artist wasn’t ready to release music at the time. Basically five and a half years later, I had an idea for a Summer campaign, and the song had an island sound, and I wanted to represent that aesthetic through the collection. I thought about that song. So I reached out to the artist. We got it recorded, and we dealt with all of the attorneys to own these verses. But then the issues were really clearing the music, and it became a real challenge to get that done. I didn’t even know that there was a sample on the beat. Once I found out that there was a sample, it was too late because we already shot the video. So it was a messy process and I learned my lesson from that.

This time around, it was very different because I didn’t intend on even owning the track. Cam kind of mentored me through the process, and it was his idea for us to own it, which was incredible because he’s like, “Hey, this could be a big opportunity. I’ll put you in touch with Shipes, and he will help you through the process.” Shipes, John Shapiro, is a very knowledgeable guy in the industry that’s been around for a long time and really helped coach me through the process. He teamed up with me to help manage the streaming and distribution. And then with Swizz, his track didn’t have any samples to clear. I learned a lot through that process.

So that’s why I thanked Cam in my post that I put up yesterday, on his birthday ironically. I have a good relationship with Cam. I love Cam. I was a big fan forever, since Children of the Corn and Confessions of Fire. I’m a huge music guy in general, but that era really inspired me most. He was a part of the soundtrack to my early life. So the idea was really to have him shine the brightest and do everything that we can as a company and a brand to lend our resources to someone who is that influential in my lifetime. We put him in a position to win through our platform. I wanted to see Cam in that aesthetic, spitting the way he did. Swizz called it the best Cam verse in 20 years. So I felt like we got something really special.

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