Rihanna’s recent Louis Vuitton campaign almost went in a different direction.  

In a conversation with Complex’s Aria Hughes, artist Martine Syms detailed the inspiration behind Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Spring-Summer 2024 video campaigns starring the “Diamonds” singer and LeBron James. Rihanna’s visual was released in June, whereas James’ campaign debuted on Tuesday. 

The opportunity to direct the visuals came to the 36-year-old after she received a phone call from the team of Pharell Williams, who would eventually become the fashion brand’s artistic director. 

Syms said she imagined the opening sequences of movies and the energy of the streets when brainstorming concepts for the campaigns. 

“I was thinking about all these amazing images of [Rihanna] walking on the street with wine glasses,” the artist told Complex, adding that she had a lingering idea in her mind of “everyday carry.”

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