Princess Diana was not secret about her love of luxury handbags. But despite her having a closet full of impressive labels like Dior and Chanel, it might surprise you to learn that one of her favorites wasn’t high end—or even leather—and was most certainly not worn to official royal events.

No, one of Princess Diana’s most iconic purses was in fact a simple quilted bag with printed flowers that she wore in relatively informal moments. Like, for example, when the then Prince of Wales participated in polo tournaments as she watched from the stands.

It was at one of these, in 1983, when Diana, Princess of Wales, created one of her most memorable looks—with her quilted bag front and center of the fashion moment.

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The bag is from the brand Souleaido, in whose London store she bought five of their bags, which were manufactured in Provence, France. In 1981, before she had even married the Prince of Wales, she already owned a few; and for years following, she continuously wore them in moments that didn’t require so much royal pomp and thus allowed her to be more relaxed.

A rectangular bag with long handles that can be worn over the shoulder or on the elbow, the quilted purse is large in size and today would fit a small laptop computer. It couldn’t be more different than the decorative, tiny, and not very useful clutches she’d carry to more grand events.

When Princess Diana wore this bag, it was to carry things—not just as a fashion item. It was, in short, a useful and beautiful accessory. It may not be as iconic and recognizable as the sheep sweater, but it is another one of those pieces that we’ll always identify with the late princess.

Lady Diana Spencer  at Cowdray Park Polo Club in Gloucestershire 12th July 1981. On the left is Sarah Ferguson.

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WINDSOR UNITED KINGDOM  JUNE 04 Princess Diana Pregnant With Her First Child  At Polo In Windsor. Behind The Princess Is...

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Like almost everything Diana, Princess of Wales, wore in her 36 years of life, this bag is also a timeless trend because the brand continues to sell it more than four decades after the soon-to-be royal acquired the first one. The design remains nearly identical—quilted cotton, with printed flowers, in medium size—but it was renamed years ago as Adiana (not very coincidentally, of course). At less than $200, it also has a relatively affordable price when compared with any of the designer pieces she wore to her more official events.

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