Supporters of the royal family were struck by how joyful all three royals appeared in the snaps, especially nine-year-old Charlotte, who was dressed in a Fearless-coded sequins dress with a cute braided hairstyle. “Charlotte is a real Swiftie she even got the dress code 😭,” one user commented, while another wrote, “This is actually the cutest picture ever. Core memory for Charlotte right there 😍.”

Others pointed out that her brother and father looked just as happy to be there, with one fan joking that Prince William is the “real Swiftie,” and just brought his two eldest children “as a cover up!” Meanwhile, one user wrote, “Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte are the Swifties we didn’t know we needed, and I am here for it! Just look at their collective unbridled JOY!”

Joy seemed to be the theme for Prince William’s birthday. Just hours before the concert, the Wales’ official Instagram page shared the latest family portrait captured by Kate Middleton. In the photo, which appeared to be taken on the same day as the Father’s Day portrait shared earlier this month, William holds hand with their three children as they take a big jump on a sandy beach.

“Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much,” read the caption, which was signed by the Princess of Wales with a “Cx.”

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Clearly, they found the perfect way to celebrate on the big day.

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