Penélope Cruz is currently in the middle of promoting her latest film, Ferrari, a biopic directed and written by Michael Mann that explores the life of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the eponymous automaker. With each event, this promo tour has proven very beneficial for all fashion lovers, as Cruz has dressed in magnificent outfits with nostalgic touches that take us back to the fashion of the early 2000s.

Most recently, the film—which also stars Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey and Shailene Woodley—was featured by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation on January 5. Of course, the 49-year-old actor dressed to impress, wearing a black leather jacket, baggy jeans and platform sandals. Overall, the look reminds us that the power of the rock aesthetic is not entirely forgotten.

In Los Angeles, the cameras caught Penélope Cruz wearing an outfit signed by Chanel that consisted of wide-leg jeans in dark blue; one of the trending styles of denim for Spring-Summer 2024. But that’s not all: As has been a constant in her most recent outfits, Cruz added a piece of nostalgia: a cropped biker jacket.

With a floral design and eye-catching lapels, this jacket is characterized by its classic but avant-garde air, so a shoe with a presence capable of matching this essence was needed. This task fell on the black platform sandals that ultimately finished elevating the rest of the outfit.

Penélope Cruz in wide jeans and platform sandals in January 2024.

Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images

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