Wear more ties. The tie is back, and while I bought and wore a bunch of them in 2023, they were generally in expected contexts: weddings, classical music concerts.This year I’m committing to just throwing one on because I feel like it. If anyone asks me why I’m so dressed up, I’ve got the all-purpose answer: “I’ve got a thing later.” (They don’t have to know if that “thing” is loosening my tie to look at Instagram while I brush my teeth before bed.) —Chris Cohen

Repeat outfits. In middle school, this kid made fun of me for wearing the same shoes every day. Thus my villain origin story was written, and I’ve made a conscious effort to never wear the same outfit in front of the the same people. (Same outfit, different friend group? No problem.) I’ve overly dramatized the effects that kid had on my shoe-wearing habits, which I’ve since applied to my whole outfit, but dammit this is the year I embrace wearing the same looks over and over and over again. I don’t go on a monthly hunt for sick jawnz just to wear it once. So folks, if you see me in a ’fit that you’ve already seen before, yes, you did. But please rest assured I did do my laundry. —Tyler Chin

Wild out. Black, navy, Mary Jane shoes, straight-leg pants, and tailored lines are the pillars of my closet. Because after 30-something years of dressing myself, I’ve figured out the clearest and easiest way to not feel hideous when I give myself a once-over before heading out the door. As a creature of habit, I’ve gotten a little too comfortable in my ways, so I’m challenging myself to be a little less safe, wear more color, embrace uncertainty, and invest in a couple things that feel full-on frivolous in the subway. Life is too short to not let your freak flag fly. —Lori Keong

Dress practically. Sometimes, prioritizing style over everything will leave you excruciatingly cold, uncomfortably hot, or simply in pain (partially from the price of grail pieces, partially from the blisters caused by great shoes). But in the new year, when New York feels like Antarctica, I plan to wear an actual winter coat. And when it’s excruciatingly hot in the summer, I’ll wear an actual breathable button-down. —Anthony O’Baner Jr.

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