Taylor Swift once sang, “you were in college workin’ part time, waitin’ tables.” So she understands the plight of the service worker. And when it came time to tip the food runners who served her suite at the Chiefs versus Patriots game, she was seemingly quite generous.

Following Sunday’s match, which Swift took in from a skybox, a photo quickly went viral of Swift visiting and tipping the staff who brought grub into her suite. As you can see, she’s got a twenty in each hand, and has seemingly already given someone a hundo. Nice, Taylor!

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Also notable about this picture is the fact that Blondie is holding a Dunkin cup. Even if you’re not a Swiftie, you can probably intuit just from her vibe that Swift is a Starbucks girlie (it used to be in her tour rider), but she was visiting New England, so she engaged in the local customs and traditions. It’s so important to respect other cultures when you visit their land.

Swift has a reputation—Reputation TV coming January 1, I will put money on that. Not a hundo, but money—for generosity. After the domestic part of her record-breaking Eras Tour wrapped, she handed out, by some estimates, $55 million in bonuses to the truck drivers and other crew members who worked on the tour. According to the servers and bartenders interviewed for this Vulture investigative piece about her restaurant habits, she tips well whenever picking up the check. And who can forget the time when, in 2014, Swift met a fan whose birthday it was, and gave her ninety dollars to spend at Chipotle?

Another cute thing that happened at the game was that her dad Scott Swift brought her leftover birthday cake to the suite next door.

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