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The Challenge: USA’s Xavier, Shan Break Down ‘Big Brother’ Betrayal: Watch



A Big Brother betrayal? Xavier Prather, who won season 23 of the show, was eliminated from The Challenge: USA alongside his partner, Survivor alum Shan Smith, during the Wednesday, July 27, episode after a surprising move from two former allies.

The attorney and pastor were thrown into the arena by his BB23 castmates Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young, which came as a shock to many, including Xavier and Shan.

While the former says he “had gotten tipped off” by David Alexander (against whom they eventually lost the elimination), he still felt blindsided, especially because the entire cast “knew Alyssa and I were thick as thieves.”

So why did Alyssa and Kyland take the shot at their own so early? “I don’t think Alyssa and Kyland are very smart players,” Shan exclusively tells Us Weekly in our exit interview, which you can watch above. “I just don’t think that they are. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but it was very short-sided. They were blinded by revenge and blinded by pettiness. I get it, this was a former castmate of yours. He won. We all, at some point, were thinking X should not win this Challenge, but in terms of Big Brother’s survival and longevity in the game, it just didn’t make much sense.”

While Kyland was a member of The Cookout on Big Brother 23 that made history and helped crown Xavier as the first-ever Black winner, Alyssa was his No. 1 ally outside that alliance.

“We understand they felt slighted or betrayed or backstabbed, and we expected that, as members of The Cookout,” X says. “We expected the only people we talk to after the show to just be Cookout members after the show. We felt everyone else was going to feel wronged. And they weren’t necessarily wrong in feeling like they had been betrayed because they had, but we’re not betraying you guys because we don’t want to work with you guys, or don’t like you guys. We’re doing this because for 22 seasons a person who looks like us has never won that game.”

As for where they stand with Alyssa and Kyland today, Shan tells Us, “I think [Kyland] is a user. I think he’s a manipulator. I just don’t really enjoy him as a person, and I’ve been honest with him about that – that I don’t want to be your friend. And Alyssa, I don’t believe her as a person. I think she’s always playing Big Brother. I think she’s got a lot of issues she’s gotta work through in her life that she just hasn’t taken the time to do.”

She adds, “There’s no friendship for me, moving forward, with those two, but X, I hope the best for you and Alyss going forward because I know you guys were really close.”

Xavier, who previously had a friendship with the two, says, “I would try to take out of Dr. Will [Kirby]’s book, which is where he viewed people he went on these shows with more as coworkers than friends. I think that’s probably an approach I’m going to take similarly moving forward.”

“I don’t find them to be bad people, and I’m not going to address anything they’re dealing with personally because I think everyone has their own battles that they’re fighting, and I’m not going to undermine anything they could be going through,” he explains. “But I would say my relationships with them moving forward, I would just approach more like a coworker type of relationship. I’m not here praying for your downfall and I’m not here hating on you or anything. We come in, we go to work. We do what we do. You go home. I go home.”

The Challenge: USA airs on CBS Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin, Danielle Cabral’s Altercation: What to Know



Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral are currently suspended from filming season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey — and Us Weekly has exclusive details on what led to the suspension.

According to a source, the costars got into a “mutual physical” altercation on Thursday, September 21, over several issues. “Jennifer and Danielle got in a fight about a hairdresser they both use and money for a charity event that Danielle allegedly didn’t donate too,” the insider shared with Us. “They are likely going to face some sort of long term suspension.”

Jennifer, 46, didn’t face serious injuries but allegedly also suffered from some light “bleeding” after the incident, which took place while cameras were rolling.

“Bravo released new rules about physical altercations the day after the fight,” the source continued before confirming that “the rest of the cast is still filming” through the end of the month.

A second source tells Us noted that Bravo’s new guidelines about physical altercations were set to be released to talent before the RHONJ drama. The insider said Jennifer — who pushed Danielle first — was on the mend after the small injury, which came as a result of a plastic cup being thrown at her.

Us confirmed on Sunday, September 24, that Jennifer and Danielle, 38, are suspended from filming pending an investigation.

Neither reality star has addressed the news directly on social media. Danielle, though, seemed to allude to the situation with a cryptic quote.

“Focus on the good. And let God handle the rest,” she posted via her Instagram Story on Sunday. As for Jennifer, she has continued to show support for Teresa Giudice and her family on the online platform.

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Before the duo found themselves at odds, Jennifer came to Danielle’s defense during her first season at Bravo. Jennifer previously called out viewers who questioned Danielle’s story about being estranged from her brother and his side of the family.

“I didn’t think there was anything more to the story. I was like, ‘This is so wild to me that we have a new friend that’s opening up to us. [She’s] telling us how vulnerable she is because of her situation.’ And as friends, does that mean that we have to question everything that we say?” Jennifer exclusively told Us in March about the season 13 newcomer. “I don’t know what kind of friends you are. But my friends, when they come and they vent to me about something, I just listen. I listen, I hold their hand, I take their words for what it is.”

She continued: “I don’t sit there and think, ‘Well, what did you do? Or what did you do to [cause that]?’ I’ve never treated a friend that way. And ultimately, obviously, there was a slew of things that happened before she blocked them on Instagram. I don’t know what any of that is.”

Jennifer maintained that she couldn’t understand why viewers think “there’s more” to Danielle’s story.

“But I do think the catalyst — what broke the camel’s back — was her blocking him. From what she has told me — and she’s my friend and I believe what she says — she said he was very angry. [She said], ‘He blocked me off Instagram and [took me out of his] wedding.’ And that’s how she portrayed the story. I didn’t get why everybody was investigating or [what] everybody wanted,” she concluded. “Like, dude, we just met the girl and already you’re interrogating her. So I didn’t buy any of that. Which is why you heard me say nothing. Because I was basically the one saying, ‘I don’t understand. Our friend is telling us she’s going through something. Why does it matter? Why can’t we just be a friend?’”

With reporting by Andrea Simpson and Nicole Massabrook

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Eminem’s Daughter Details Watching Dad Perform With 50 Cent



Eminem’s daughter may just be his biggest fan.

Hailie Jade Mathers, 27, shared she was “so hype” to witness her dad, 50, perform with 50 Cent last weekend.

“We went to the 50 Cent concert and I was so freaking happy,” she said on the Friday, September 22, episode of her “Just a Little Shady” podcast. “I have not seen him perform since … I seriously think it was sixth grade. It’s been so long.”

50 Cent (real name Curtis James Jackson III), 48, brought out Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) in a surprise performance in Detroit on September 17 during his U.S. tour. Mathers shared that she found out her dad was coming out “right before” it happened.

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“First of all, I was just happy because there’s so many bangers that I feel that everybody just forgets about,” she said. “There’s like the club songs but then there’s so many that you’re like ‘Holy s—t.’ Bop after bop after bop.”

She went on to add that the production of the entire show at the Pine Knob Music Theatre was a level unlike anything she had ever seen before.

“I mean pyro, confetti cannons,” she said. “There was one song where pyro went off for the entire song. And I was like this is sick. So yeah anyways I was not disappointed.”

As for fellow concert-goers, Mathers, who announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Evan McClintock in February, noted that the performance was the most “crowded and hectic” she had ever seen at the music venue.

“Anytime I’ve ever been to a show there, I feel like I have not seen that many people,” she said. “It was insane. So that was one of my best Sundays in a long time.”

The Michigan State University alum is the daughter of Eminem and his ex Kimberly Scott, who was his high school sweetheart. The pair married in 1999 but separated two years later. They later rekindled their romance, but called it quits for good in 2006.

This is not the first time Mathers has gushed about her dad. Two years ago, she shared via TikTok that he was her most listened to Spotify artist. In fact, she was in his top 3% of listeners that year, according to the app.

Eminem has notoriously kept his children away from the public eye. Aside from Mathers, he also shares his adopted niece Alania Marie Mathers with Scott, 48. (Alania is the biological daughter of Scott’s twin sister, Dawn.)

The rapper also is the adopted father of Stevie Lane (born Whitney Scott Mathers), who is Scott’s child with another man.

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