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My Chemical Romance pay tribute to producer Doug McKean who has died aged 54



My Chemical Romance have paid tribute to producer Doug McKean, who has died aged 54.

According to an obituary shared by the band, McKean passed away yesterday (July 29) from a brain haemorrhage.

In 2001, McKean moved to Los Angeles to work with producer Rob Cavallo, and went on to receive two Grammy Awards for his engineering work on Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’.

McKean also had a longstanding relationship with My Chemical Romance, engineering 2006’s ‘The Black Parade’ and its follow-up, 2010’s ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’.

He also engineered and produced Gerard Way’s solo album ‘Hesitant Alien’ (2014); Way later said that “there would be no album without Doug”. McKean went on to work with Way on a majority of the standalone solo singles that followed the release of ‘Hesitant Alien’.

His most recent work was on My Chemical Romance’s comeback single ‘The Foundations Of Decay’, with Way saying the pair had been working together throughout lockdown.

Paying tribute to McKean, My Chemical Romance wrote: “My Chemical Romance lost Doug McKean, a dear friend, a collaborator, a partner, a brother, a problem-solver, a genius, an integral part of our music. Doug was someone who made us laugh, made us better, understood, and always came to the rescue. He is deeply missed. He always will be.⁣”

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Doug McKean engineered and produced the albums that changed my life and helped make the vision of some of the most celebrated artists of the last 20 years become reality. His impact won’t be forgotten.”

Another added: “R.I.P Doug McKean. Your work as an engineer and producer on my favourite albums was amazing and had a massive impact on my life. You will be missed.”


Ted Nugent urges Trump supporters to “remain peaceful” if former President is arrested



Ted Nugent has urged supporters of Donald Trump to “remain peaceful” if the former President is arrested.

Trump has claimed that he will be arrested today (Tuesday, March 21) on charges related to an investigation into a $130,000 (£106,000) payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, per BBC News.

Back in 2016, Daniels offered to sell her account of what she claimed was an adulterous affair she had with Trump in 2006. It’s said that the ex-POTUS’ lawyer Michael Cohen subsequently paid her $130k to keep quiet.

Should Trump be arrested, he would be the first US president to be indicted.

Speaking a the recent edition of his news commentary series The Nightly Nuge, controversial US singer-songwriter and activist Nugent – who is an avid Trump supporter – told his viewers to “stand strong” and “remain peaceful” no matter the outcome.

“Put on your truck light. Put on your porch light. Carry a lantern. We need to stand strong,| he said (via Blabbermouth) “And if they wanna arrest President Trump, we need to not protest; we need to not put on rallies… because Antifa, Black Lives Matter and these imported Chinese nationals and Somali nationals who are coming across our open border, as orchestrated by Biden Satan gang, they are ready to do battle.”

Nugent went on to tell Trump’s supporters to instead participate in non-violent forms of protest. “Do not go into battle – yet,” he continued, adding that people should “remain peaceful and shine a positive, loving, patriotic light on the darkness”.

Last Saturday (March 18), Trump – who is running for President in 2024 – took to his Truth Social platform to tell his followers to “protest” and “take our nation back” should he be arrested.

He used similar language when he called on his supporters to take part in a “big protest” in Washington D.C. in the wake of Biden’s 2021 election victory. Trump was later impeached for the second time in his presidency for inciting the US Capitol riot, in which five people died.

Nugent, however, reiterated that protest should be “peaceful” this time. “Remain strong. Remain spiritual,” he said. “Pray like you’ve never prayed before, and in a loving, supportive, civil manner, convince anybody in your life […]

“Improvise, adapt and overcome. Pray, remain forceful for Constitution, Bill Of Rights, truth, logic and common sense to your elected employees, and let the other side show their terrorism. Let the other side show their hate and their dishonesty. We should remain peaceful and support Donald Trump like never before. He is the answer.”

Former US President Donald Trump speaks during an event at his Mar-a-Lago home on November 15, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. CREDIT: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Nugent then claimed that Trump was “sent for times like this, as Putin and Xi are meeting and galvanizing the evil empires against what was once the shining city on the hill”, adding: “Let’s remain positive and bring light to their darkness.”

He continued: “There are so many examples we can give how the left has not prosecuted thousands of Democrats that have done far worse on film, recorded, evidence drenched, than anything Donald Trump has ever done, and no one goes after the Democrats.

“Hunter Biden. Are you kidding me? Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Eric Holder running guns, illegal guns to the Mexican drug cartels. I could go on and on and on.

“So, remain positive.”

It has been reported that Trump’s plea for protest has received a largely muted response from his supporters. However, police in New York are continuing to monitor online posts about any potential violence.

Last December saw Ted Nugent receive the Great American Defender Of Freedom award from Trump at the American Freedom Tour’s Winter Gala at Mar-A-Lago in Florida.

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Fan in wheelchair goes viral for epic stage dive at hardcore festival



A music fan in a wheelchair has gone viral after stage diving at a hardcore festival in Louisville, Kentucky – check out the video below.

The moment occurred during Kublai Khan TX’s set at this year’s edition of LDB Fest (Life And Death Brigade Fest), which took place last weekend (March 18, 19).

A 20-second clip posted on Twitter by hate5six sees the disabled festivalgoer crowd-surfing to the stage before being assisted by vocalist Matt Honeycutt. Once they were up, the fan headed back towards the edge and into the audience.

“Hardest shit I’ve ever seen,” wrote videographer Sunny Singh, who captured the footage. The video has so far been watched over 272,600 times, and has registered 13.7k ‘likes’ and more than 4,000 retweets.

In the replies, one viewer said: “This is some of the raddest shit I’ve ever seen at a show.” Another person added: “I LOVE THIS!! It’s crazy how communally minded mosh pits are, even in the midst of the chaos! Everyone should be able to experience the joy of crowd surfing at least once.”

You can see the post below.

According to Lambgoat, the fan in the wheelchair “was lifted onto the stage by the crowd, and to everyone’s amazement, she performed a stage dive by propelling herself with speed off the stage and into the hands of the crowd”.

LDB Fest 2023 also saw performances from heavy acts such as Knocked Loose, Drug Church, Terror, Dying Wish, No Pressure and Foreign Hands.

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tripleS unveil new Taiwanese-Vietnamese member Nien



Girls Planet 999 competitor Nien (also known as Hsu Nien Tzu) has been revealed as the 13th member of upcoming K-pop girl group tripleS.

On March 21, Modhaus shared a video unveiling TripleS’ 13th member Nien, a former contestant on Mnet’s 2021 reality competition series Girls Planet 999. The Taiwanese-Vietnamese singer joins the group’s existing 12 members.

The new clip introduces Nien as “S13” before showing several faceless shots of the idol. Her face is shown in shots towards the end of the video, and she introduces herself in a Mandarin voiceover: “I am tripleS’ S13, Nien. Please take good care of me in the future.”

Nien had been part of Girls Planet 999’s Chinese group of trainees, and was eliminated in the show’s second elimination round. Her highest rank throughout her stint on the show was fifth place in the C-group during its third episode.

tripleS – whose final line-up will include 24 members – launched their first sub-unit Acid Angel from Asia last October, introducing members Kim Yoo-yeon, Jeong Hye-rin, Kim Na-kyoung and Gong Yu-bin.

Their second sub-unit comprising 10 members debuted last month with the mini-album ‘Assemble’ and its lead single ‘Rising’. The group are also set to debut another sub-unit called (KR)ystal Eyes sometime this year.

Currently, tripleS consists of members (in order of joining) Yoon Seo-yeon, Jeong Hye-rin, Lee Ji-woo, Kim Chae-yeon, Kim Yoo-yeon, Kim Soo-min, Kim Na-kyoung, Gong Yu-bin, Kaede, Seo Da-hyun, Kotone, Kwak Yeon-ji and Nien.

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