Meghan Markle may not be starring in any more network TV series these days, but she’s still willing to bust out those acting chops from time to time in order to help a business she cares about. Specifically, for Clevr Blends instant latte company.

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In a video posted to the brand’s Instagram page, Clevr co-founder Hannah Mendoza leads cameras on a tour of “Clevr HQ.” Sussex-enthusiasts will immediately spot that one of the workers in the background of each shot is actually the duchess herself. Meghan appears as one of the fulfillment crew “lovingly packing your lattes” who have been “listening to Britney on loop since 2019”; at a desk as one of the brand’s “very smart, only slightly nerdy digital team”; handing Mendoza a water bottle out of the fridge; and finally coming fully into frame as one of the resilient ops team, where she gives a fellow worker a fist bump before bursting into laughter.

The brand joked in the caption, “Damn, you’re keeping us BUSY right now! Had to call in some reinforcements 👀.”

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