Middle school hallways are full of students trying to impress others with their sneakers, but rarely is it the teacher who has the most heat on feet. That’s the case in Lehi, Utah, where Andrew Dutton teaches. Dutton, who goes by AD Sneaks online, has amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers thanks to his elegant sneaker photos and his quest to wear a different pair of sneakers every day this past school year.

Dutton did it, going 170 days without repeating shoes. He wore everything from Sauconys to Nike Air Max to SB Dunks to New Balance, ASICS, Jordans. Hype pairs, general release pairs. Collaborations to original colorways. Action Bronson New Balances. Concepts x Nike SB Dunks. Unheardof x Adidas. Union Jordan 1s and 4s.

Some of the shoes the students loved. Some got a side eye. It made them curious as to what he was wearing on foot. Dutton, who’s 36 and teaches digital media and manufacturing tech classes, would fill hisfill in his students in on the history of his shoes, giving them the backstory on the pairs that piqued their interest. 

“It was cool to give them info on some of these shoes that don’t make the rounds on social media,” he says.

Besides documenting his outfits, Dutton is well known for his still life sneaker photography. His sneaker photos have become popular because of how expressive they are.

“I can control the position of the sneaker and pose it any way I want to get the feel of the sneaker,” he says.

We had the opportunity to talk to Dutton about his everyday sneaker project, but also his thoughts on sneakers, photography, and where the two connect.

When did you get into sneakers?
I got into sneakers in the early 2000s when I was in middle school. Played a lot of basketball and loved seeing some of my favorite athletes at the time in their sneakers. I loved Allen Iverson’s signature line. I loved what And1 was doing with Vince Carter, and when they signed on Kevin Garnett and Latrell Sprewell. I grew up in Idaho and didn’t have a Foot Locker or any big stores. I would always get the Eastbay magazine and dream of different sneakers. My parents never really bought those kind of things for me, because they didn’t have a ton of money. 

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