In case you were wondering if you could get a pair of Maluma’s earbuds for yourself, not quite. Bose Ultra Open Earbuds, sans diamonds, don’t hit stores until later this year. The diamond-encrusted version is exclusive, at least for the time being. Jooma is already expecting certain clients to be asking for a pair. 

“Once some of our celebrity clients see the customs on social media they’re like, ‘Man, I got to tell my Bose guy that I need a pair,’” says Jooma. “We haven’t finalized any future projects yet, but two of our clients have contacted their reps. Yachty was like, ‘If y’all make me a pair of these, I’ll work with them to design them and rock them.’”

When it comes to what creative jewelry projects Icebox would want to work on next, Jooma has his eyes set on another industry.

“I would love to get more into clothing,” says Jooma. “We don’t think about the profitability as much as we just want to be part of that because nobody’s done it. We want to do it with the right company.”

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