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Puffer jacket season used to be my most dreaded time of year. I committed a lot of time to searching for coat formulas and variations that could replace a puffer in the dead of winter—everything from layers and layers of sweaters and light jackets to hoodies and long trenches proved futile, unable to match up to the easy warmth, waterproofness, and versatility of a puffer.

People have touted many jackets to me, including the Lululemon Wunder Puff Jacket, but I was always reluctant to believe them. Big mistake on my part. This year, I finally caved and tried the Wunder Puff for myself, and let me tell you: This puffer is phenomenal.

I won’t be that person who carries an umbrella everywhere in case it rains anymore, because my Wunder Puff is coming everywhere with me. I won’t be that person complaining of being too cold, or pulling my tote bag back up on my shoulder when it slides down (it doesn’t, with this), or coming inside with soaked clothes and hair. This winter—and presumably every winter to come—it’s me and my Wunder Puff against the world, baby.

SHOP $298,

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It’s super stylish

Historically, I’ve griped about puffer jackets not being the chicest option. And they aren’t! By nature, puffer jackets aren’t particularly sleek, given how… well, puffy they are. I’ve always leaned toward printed puffers more than solid ones, because at least those have some personality. But honestly, the Wunder Puff has changed my mind.

It’s clear in the design how intentional Lululemon was when crafting this style. The jacket comes in Black and Nomad, which is a soft, taupe-y color, and both colors are crafted with a matte, water-repellent fabric. Lululemon is a brand often credited with the rise of athleisure and making clothes that feel good, perform well, and also look stylish, and the Wunder Puff is really the cherry on top of the brand’s empire. The puffs on this jacket aren’t too thin (which I find very finance bro-y) nor too thick (which can easily look awkward and oversized). In addition to a full front zip, there are snap buttons, which are great not only for some extra wind protection, but also for hiding said zipper.

The last puffer jacket I used regularly was one from a certain retail mega-giant that shan’t be named, but is very popular. Honestly, I loved that old puffer because of its relaxed fit that was easy to layer with, but the problem with relaxed fits is that they’re often either cropped or oversized. I searched far and wide for a puffer that was neither too slim, too long, or too short, and it turns out that what I was looking for all along was the Wunder Puff. It has a hip-length, relaxed fit, with adjustable cords that can make it sit closer to your body if needed. This means it’s the perfect custom fit for everybody, whether you prefer something slightly baggier or something more slim-fitting.

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It’s functional and warm

If you live in a cold city, you know that a down jacket is a must. Nothing else keeps the cold, wet, and wind out quite as well. Of all the iterations of down jackets I’ve gone through, from parkas to puffers, the Wunder Puff is easily my favorite one. The jacket is packed with 600-fill power goose down, which insulates through extra loft. I’ve always been wary of down jackets, because they’re usually heavy, bulky, and awkwardly unpackable, but Lululemon’s is none of these things. This jacket is incredibly lightweight, packs down easily (I’ve brought it to work in a standard-size tote bag before), and has a mesh-like inner lining of 100 percent recycled polyester that adds a nice separation between your body and the bulky part of the jacket, so it feels like you’re just wearing a stretchy, flexible light layer that moves along with you.

On the women’s version of the Wunder Puff, the hood is removable via snap buttons. On the men’s version, however, the hood doesn’t unattach—but honestly, this isn’t a con. The hood is a close-fitting style to protect your head, so when it isn’t on your head, it rests flat on the back of the neck and doesn’t get in the way. With the women’s Wunder Puff, I’ve caught myself in random downpours and wished I hadn’t unsnapped the hood and left it at home, but you’ll never have to worry about that with the men’s one.

The Wunder Puff has a super high neck which, honestly, I worried about before I tried the jacket on. What’s worse than a too-high collar brushing your chin all the damn time? But really, the collar is there for warmth and looks, and never for facial interference. Unless you zip the jacket all the way up, the collar has a way of lying flat against the jacket, and when it is zipped all the way up, it’s at just the right height to be cozy, not irritating. The coziness factor of it all is just reinforced with the extra details: close-fitting cuffs that won’t leave your warms vulnerable to the cold, interior pockets and zippered exterior pockets that are at just the right angle to shove your hands in, and a hidden sleeve inside the front pocket designed specifically to hold your phone.

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It’s the only jacket you’ll need

Sadly, all my years of collecting warm and fun coats and jackets were for naught. I’ve exclusively worn my Wunder Puff this winter, and I don’t see that changing as we head into the New Year.

When I get dressed up, I reach for my Wunder Puff. When I have to go to the bodega on a Sunday morning and to a hangover BEC, I reach for my Wunder Puff (and say a silent thank you for the face-shielding hood). No matter where you’re going this winter, the Wunder Puff is ready to go with you.

It’s a versatile staple piece that you can easily pair with everything else in your wardrobe, and no matter what the temperature is, the Wunder Puff will face the cold, wind, rain, and snow valiantly. And, really, for 300 bucks, this quality and versatility is a steal in the world of down puffers. It really is the only jacket I need.

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Photography by Joe Lingeman. Prop styling by Heather Greene.


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