Normally you couldn’t pay me to give a second thought to who’s hosting any given awards show, let alone who should, but as this past Sunday’s Golden Globes painfully reminded us: these things matter. Not to be the umpteenth person to pile on poor Jo Koy, but when you kick the evening off with a trainwreck of a set, establishing a rough tone that’s hard to bounce back from, suddenly three hours can feel like six.

Picking a good host is perhaps an even more thankless job than actually hosting—we, the viewing body, are quite the fickle audience. We want someone who has the chops to really command a room full of the most famous people alive—which is a very short list!—but were also desperate for a new face that isn’t Billy Crystal, Ricky Gervais or Jimmy Kimmel for the seventeenth, eighth, and tenth times, respectively.*

Navigating that tension is how you get Jerrod Carmichael hosting the Globes last year (a fun experiment that was captivating, if a little uneven) and Jo Koy (an experiment that will be ridiculed for the next decade.)

But we have a few more of these things to go before it all wraps with the Oscars. Kimmel is already slated for that one, but does, say, the SAG Awards (which just announced nominees this morning) have a host yet? How about any of the other half-dozen award shows in between now and March? If any of them are looking for someone charming, someone who’s not above the musical detour these broadcasts love so much, someone who walks the line between edgy and respectful, that person has been right under our noses, churning out Netflix specials, hanging out with Pete Davidson and becoming the least famous SNL Five Timers’ Club member to date (his words, not mine): John Mulaney.

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