There are two trends we can’t avoid at the moment, and model Leni Klum loves both.

First, there’s the ’90s revival, with its baggy jeans and layered cuts. Then there’s “quiet luxury” with its expensive-looking fashion and matching beauty statements.

With her latest manicure, Leni Klum manages to capture both these trends at once. Her “cappuccino milk” manicure is both a luxurious understatement with its subtle color and a playful homage to the ’90s.

Klum, like her model mom, Heidi Klum, has been sporting extra-long nails for some time now, usually in the stiletto shape. A French manicure traditionally involves white on the tips of the nails, while the rest of the nail is covered in a soft rosé, and Klum chose a soft beige for her cappuccino milk nails, which perfectly match her skin tone.

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Even though French tips and “strawberry milk nails” are all the rage at the moment, they go best with cooler skin tones, while warm skin undertones are better combined with beige or brown tones. Cappuccino milk nails are the perfect alternative.

But how can you get the look?

If you want to go for extra-long stiletto nails like Klum, you can hardly avoid nail sculpting with acrylic or gel. For those who like it a little shorter, BIAB or shellac with natural nails or gentle nail extensions are an option.

An important detail in Klum’s manicure is that the entire nail is covered with the cappuccino milk shade, including the previously applied nail white. This makes the overall result look more natural.

There you have it—a perfectly unique twist on the manicure for spring.

This story was first published in Glamour Germany.

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