Wake up babe, Lana Del Rey and Skims just dropped a Valentine’s Day collab!!!

No, that’s not an ad-lib auto-populated by a word cloud compilation of my secret Pinterest boards circa 2014. Lana Del Rey, as in Lizzy Grant (I see you, truthers), as in, the queen of alternative everything down to sodas like Diet Mountain Dew, really is the Skims Valentine’s Day campaign star. A brand which, if you are somehow unaware (but if anyone would be, it’d be a Lana stan), was and is founded and owned by reality TV star turned media mogul and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian.

This feels like a lot for Lana enthusiasts to unpack. I dabble in Lana subreddits from time to time (OK, am not not an active observer), so I feel like I “get” them (or, am I one of them?). So, okay, first of all, Lana is blonde again—and not just any blonde, but A-list and Kardashian-preferred honey blonde.

If I were slightly more paranoid and possibly less medicated, I’d say this was a nod to her Lizzy Grant era. But as a level-headed beauty journalist, I think what really happened is that her colorist Jenna Perry knows what looks good enough to get me to want to go back to blonde. (Perry is also responsible for Emily Ratajkowski’s recent red transformation.)

Courtesy of Skims

ICON/Courtesy of SKIMS

Second order of business: I kind of can’t wrap my mind around the fact that LDR and Kardashian exist in the same universe. Obviously, they do, but it’s never something I actively had to acknowledge, you know?

What’s next, Lana being spotted on one of Taylor Swift’s girls nights out in Manhattan? At a football game? This is me manifesting, but also, a Lana WAG era would make perfect sense. She’s certainly got the glam down.

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