Kim Kardashian arrived at the Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show in the gothic gown of Morticia Addam’s dreams.

On March 3, Kardashian wore a lace turtleneck dress from the luxury fashion house’s fall/winter 2024-2025 collection, complete with a sheer bust, dramatic sleeve flares, and an unexpected open back emphasized by her thick, slicked back ponytail. However, while Kardashian didn’t wear a single piece of jewelry, one eye-catching accessory definitely stole focus from the body-hugging look: a large, errant Balenciaga tag left dangling down her back.

Look, many shoppers are guilty of purchasing an expensive dress with the hopes of returning it after an event, but at least they have the forethought to tuck the tags in! Apparently, Kardashian never had to learn that trick.

Kim Kardashian in Paris, France on March 3, 2024.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

You’re telling me that not a single one of these photographers gave her a heads up?

Kim Kardashian


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