All Kelly Osbourne wants for Christmas is you…to buy her some cosmetic work.

The mom of one opened up about her plastic surgery considerations during a recent recording of her family’s podcast, announcing, “I think I’ve decided what I want for Christmas. Plastic surgery.” Her parents and brother were not supportive, with Ozzy Osbourne cautioning her, “Don’t. Don’t start,” and Sharon Osbourne warning, “too early.” But the lavender-haired Kelly said that “it’s my time” and held her hands up to her neck, so maybe she’s thinking a nip or tuck in that area?

Her brother Jack Osbourne challenged their mom, questioning when she started her plastic surgery “journey,” which she says was in her “early forties.” Kelly is thirty-nine.

It’s unclear how seriously Ms. Osbourne is considering having a procedure done, as later in the episode the family had a discussion specifically about Christmas gifts, and surgery didn’t come up. In fact, Kelly has some other, very specific, ideas for the yuletide. “I don’t want anything for Christmas, but mom asked me, if she was gonna get me something, what I would want,” she explained, before rattling off three designer items she’s been coveting: an eight-thousand-dollar Schiaparelli jacket, a new Bottega handbag, and Louis Vuitton boots that look, in her words, like doll legs. They’re not as ugly as I pictured, actually.

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