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Mike Epps poked fun at Katt Williams’ appearance on Club Shay Shay and claimed he was wearing a fake Fendi jacket.

During a recent stand-up set, Epps made a joke about Williams’ attire, which included a Fendi jacket that is listed on the outlet’s website for $4,200. Epps claimed Williams didn’t pay that much as he said the jacket he had on during the interview wasn’t an actual Fendi product and should’ve just worn something different.

“It’s fucked up, man,” Epps said about his fellow comedian. “He just should’ve worn something different. That lil’ hat, he had the hat on. And that fake Fendi jacket. That’s my n***a, though, that’s my n***a, that’s my n***a!”

Epps also shared a video where he said, “I did get a little jealous, man. Katt broke the Internet and didn’t say my name, good or bad. I need the press, too, n***a, shit. Say something about me in there, man! Say something bad about me, I don’t care. I got a special coming out, I need the press!”

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