The couple were seen wearing similar outfits in late January. Censori wore a more opaque cerulean blue raincoat, though still sheer, and only wore black underwear underneath, and her husband had on a tan-colored raincoat.

The pair have been consistently in the news, with Kanye recently making headlines when asked by a TMZ reporter if his wife has “free will” or if he’s “controlling her.”

Upon being asked that question, the Donda rapper snatched the paparazzi’s phone and berated her.

​​“Don’t come asking me that dumb ass shit, I’m a person,” he fired back at the reporter. “You think ‘cause you a white woman that you can walk up on me like that and ask me some dumb ass shit like that? Ask me about my wife?”

He also described himself as a “grown-ass superhero.”

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