We all need a little push to start our summer outdoors. For some of the Esquire editors, it’s the fact that our much-loved Adidas Terrex Free Hiker 2.0 is 40 percent off. For some of us it’s the deals over at the REI Fourth of July Sale. And for some of us still, it’s these 25 percent off deals on HOKA hiking shoes.

HOKA is mostly known for its running and walking shoes. The most famous of which is the (Esquire Endorsed) Clifton line. But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to talk hiking. Well, just these HOKA hiking shoes. Which are a bit more fashionable and a bit less buy-it-for-life leather hiking shoes. HOKA makes hiking shoes for hitting Erewhon for a smoothie as much as for hitting the trails.

Jokes aside, HOKA hiking shoes are worth the hype. Nothing looks better, and nothing is more comfortable. And even though leather boot dickheads like myself would tell you to spend more on heavier boots, HOKAs are perfect for most people looking to get outdoors. My personal favorite models are the all-gender Kaha 2, in either highs or lows. The “All Gender” fit works for most people and the colors are phenomenal. That dune white, amazing. The military tan, beautiful. The dusty pink, out of this world.

But I’m not the only guy who thinks this way. I see these HOKA hikers all over Instagram, and I rarely see them on the HOKA sale page. I check it once a week—for work, not pleasure… I don’t have a problem. If you like anything in the sale, I advise you to cop ASAP. I don’t expect these to be around much longer.

Kaha 2 GTX High, All Gender
HOKA Kaha 2 GTX High, All Gender

Now 25% Off

Kaha 2 GTX Low, All Gender
HOKA Kaha 2 GTX Low, All Gender

Now 25% Off

Kaha 2 GTX High, Men's
Hoka Kaha 2 GTX High, Men’s

Now 25% Off

Speedgoat 5, Men's
HOKA Speedgoat 5, Men’s

Now 20% Off

Kaha 2 GTX Low, Men's
HOKA Kaha 2 GTX Low, Men’s

Now 25% Off

Trail Code GTX, Men's
HOKA Trail Code GTX, Men’s

Now 25% Off

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