It was only last week that Jeremy Allen White made the internet collectively thirst. A Calvin Klein campaign will do that—and abs and naked flesh have always done that ever since the days of Michelangelo’s gym bunny statues. Smart marketing! And before that it was British GQ‘s cover shoot with The Bear star; a locker room scene with various all-American jocks in various states of undress. Last night, though, that steam escaped the photoshoot set for the red carpet, and Jeremy Allen White continued his hot steak at the Golden Globes.

At a ceremony that saw Cillian Murphy do Victorian playboy and Barry Keoghan go into full chaos menswear mode, White kept things sexy in custom Calvin Klein. That meant a loose (but not baggy) double-breasted suit in black and a sheer shirt that gave just a peek at the bod that caused people to lose their absolute minds.

jeremy allen white golden globes

John Salangsang/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images

It’s very much a canon event in menswear’s sexy era; a time when dozens of Very Famous Men have gone shirtless on the red carpet (Timothée Chalamet, Lil Nas X, Travis Barker, Harry Styles, the list goes on and on and on). But it’s also not as overtly sex as all of that. By going for a shirt (even a completely see-through one), White is still using all the pre-approved parts of a suit. It’s not breaking the rules. Just hearts!

In 2024, White’s rig is a testament to a quote from a 2009 Vice interview that’s been doing the rounds again from the eternal lord of fashion darkness, Rick Owens: “Working out is modern couture.” And while good fits can absolutely work on all shapes and sizes, White has found his own sweet spot, and his own personal brand: the short gym king of New York menswear. Oh, and legacy underwear brand ambassador. That too.

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title “Jeremy Allen White’s Golden Globes shirt is the closest a red carpet can get to that Calvin Klein campaign”

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