My prediction is that from now on, Mean Girls will be your calling card, but before, what’s the role you get recognized the most for?

Definitely “the girl from Spider-Man” I get a lot. But I will say, The Nice Guys—especially with people who watch a LOT of movies—is something that people bring up. What’s exciting is that it has a cult following. People who love it really love it, and they’ve watched it so many times and they want to tell me about it, so I love that.

First Spider-Man, now Mean Girls. Is there another dream reboot that you would love to be in? Or if you could pick a movie, pick a character, and make it a musical and be in it tomorrow, what would it be?

One of my favorite movie musicals is Chicago. I think that takes the movie musical to another level, it’s so clever. I would love to be a part of that somehow. I would love to play Roxie Hart.

It’s funny because I would also talk to other people on set and pose them the question: singing ability, age, gender, that doesn’t matter, what role would you play on Broadway in any musical? And it was so cool hearing everyone’s answers. My answer is Javert in Les Mis. Out of anything , if I was a middle aged man with a beautiful deep voice, that is the role I would play, hundred percent. [Laughs]

I think you can get there. Haircut, maybe a couple singing lessons in that lower register.

“Stars” is one of my favorite musical theater songs of all time, so to sing that would be incredible.

You were in The Beguiled so I have to ask… tell me about working with Sofia Coppola.

I’m so glad you’re asking this because I also love Sofia Coppola so, so, so much.

When that movie came around, I originally auditioned for a different role, and I didn’t get it. And two months later they were like, “They’re considering you for another role, will you audition again?” I was like, “I will do anything to be in this movie. Please, please, please.”

She was incredible and I learned so much from her. She commands the set with grace and kindness and never raises her voice. If there’s a problem, or something that they can’t shoot for whatever reason, she would just go, “Okay. That’s fine. We’ll move on, we’ll find a solution, if we can’t find a solution, we’ll just keep going.” The way that she ran that set with such kindness and appreciation for everyone’s job was so admirable.

Back to Mean Girls. Why do you think this story has stood the test of time so much that everyone your age has seen it, everyone my age has seen it, we’re on the third version of it, and it’s become this text of girlhood?

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