There’s a holy makeup trinity—it’s mascara, concealer, and lip balm. If a celebrity, model, or friend is going off-duty, these are the three items that (9 times out of 10), they’ll say they can’t go without.

In fact, the makeup trinity has become the official face wardrobe of “clean girls” everywhere, perhaps with blush thrown in as an honorable addition. The search term “mascara concealer blush and lip balm” has generated millions of views on TikTok with “dutch makeup” also advocating for the same edit of essentials.

Now, though, it looks as if minimal makeup has undergone a remix, since we’ve starting noticing one OG member suspiciously absent from the faces of celebrities on recent outings.

Case in point: Florence Pugh’s longtime makeup artist, Alex Babsky, uploaded a picture of the actor to his Instagram on 7 February with the caption “Super-fresh @florencepugh today (we even left off mascara 🤭) for Dune: Part 2 press in Mexico City 🇲🇽.”

In the photo Pugh’s brows have been brushed up and softly defined. Her lips and cheeks have been given a rosy wash of color and her eyes appear to have been shaded oh-so-subtly with a diffused mushroom shadow. But her lashes are notably bare.

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Likewise, during Kylie Jenner’s appearance at last month’s Grammys, the model and entrepreneur served up a super-pared-back makeup look, forgoing eyeshadow and mascara.

“I think less is more,” she said recently in an interview with Hommegirls. “I’ve really gotten down my full look, it’s still the same look but way less. I’m just embracing my natural beauty, my freckles, and my bushy brows.”

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