As Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively continually demonstrate, one of the main benefits of living with another person is having someone to take a picture of you. Don’t believe me? I have a weird thing behind my ear and I can feel it but I can’t see it in the mirror so I’ve tried to take pictures and I can’t! They’re all blurry! Sorry, back to the Livelys.

Over the weekend, Reynolds’s Hulu series Welcome To Wrexham, about his and Rob McElhenney’s attempts to revive a lackluster British soccer football club, won a Creative Arts Emmy. Since the ceremony wasn’t televised, many stars opted not to attend, instead recording acceptance speeches from home, which is what Ryan and Rob did. But come on, it’s Ryan Reynolds. He couldn’t just say thank you, he had to be funny. And promote his next project, which is Deadpool 3. No shade, just saying, the man literally owns a marketing agency, he is always gonna plug his stuff. So he accepted the award in character as Deadpool, referring to himself, Reynolds, as “Mr. Lively” and openly campaigning for a VFX Oscar. Strike’s over! It’s time to get these ads out!

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