I was wondering who would be the first celebrity to re-create the instantly iconic porcelain-skin makeup by Pat McGrath for the Maison Margiela show, and I’m thrilled that it was Cardi B. The makeup, which resembled the glassy, almost waxy finish of a porcelain doll’s face, went majorly viral almost immediately after it debuted, with beauty fans copying the look at home and trying to figure out how McGrath and her team achieved it. Now Cardi and her go-to makeup artist, Erika La’ Pearl, have put their stamp on the couture look, and it couldn’t be more fun to watch.

La’ Pearl did the porcelain-skin makeup on Cardi for the cover of her new song “Enough (Miami),” where the rapper poses naked on a chaise with her skin absolutely gleaming and extra-long black waves cascading down, mermaid-style. According to La’ Pearl’s BTS Instagram video, she used a mask not only on Cardi’s face but all over her body for that reflective, doll-like shine. “My ass put that mask all over her chest, neck and arms lol she was peeling everywhere,” La’ Pearl wrote, tagging McGrath as the inspiration behind the look.

After the shoot was over, it was time for removal, and what a satisfying process that was! Cardi began peeling the mask-makeup off with her stiletto nails, and it’s absolutely hypnotizing to see her go from fully made-up and shiny to barefaced with her skinny brows, glossy red lips, and taupe-gray eye shadow still perfectly intact. (She did remove the nail on her pointer finger to really get under the mask and pull it off.) You can also see a glimpse of the body makeup peeling on her shoulders and chest. As someone who spent many a childhood sleepover playing with peel-off masks, this is definitely my kind of ASMR.

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