Hailey Bieber just showed us the most ingenious phone case we’ve seen in awhile, and it would solve one of our biggest problems.

Picture this: You want to leave the house to run a few quick errands, but you don’t want to bring a bag and your outfit doesn’t have pockets. Your phone and a credit card are easy to tote, but what if your lips get dry or you run into your crush? You need a lip gloss! Thankfully, Bieber has a clever phone case that will fix that!

Bieber gave us a peek at said phone case in her latest Instagram photo dump, where she poses in the mirror wearing a very coquette-core white camisole and tap pant set. Her phone, which is directed right at the mirror to capture the selfie, is safely housed in a slightly puffy case in the same pale gray as the Rhode Skin packaging, and the brand’s logo is written just below the camera lenses. Nestled right in the center are two grooves, meant to hold one of the brand’s fan-favorite Peptide Lip Treatments so you have a gloss on hand—literally—no matter where you are.

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The rest of her pics, which she describes as “just girly things,” are pure Hailey Bieber goodness: a few outfits, including the backwards hat and leather jacket combo she wore to a Lakers game with Kendall Jenner; a sweet pic of her dog; a pretty sunset set against a palm tree backdrop. However, the only thing anyone could focus on was the phone case; it also pops up later in the roundup with the Espresso balm tucked right in. “This phone case!!! I need,” wrote Bieber’s go-to nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt. “We NEED the phone case,” added model Caitlin Lawson. And you know what? We really, really do! Will it be included in the next Rhode drop? Fingers crossed.

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