As a Floridian, what’s your first impression of the trailer?

Well, as soon as that Tom Petty song starts up, I’m hooked. But then I was impressed that they were showing a variety of Florida landscapes. It’s not just “here’s the beaches, here’s the condos, here’s the strip clubs.” They also show the swampier side of Florida. I’m excited to, hopefully, see more of Florida’s nature and, and some interesting Florida traditions. It looks like they really did their homework.

Any traditions in particular that stood out to you as especially true-to-life?

I thought it was really cool how they had all these guys doing rideouts. It’s this big South Florida tradition where you just get, like, hundreds of people on their bikes and they all ride together. They’ll do it holidays, or for a cause, or just because a bunch of people want to get together on their bikes.

And I have such a soft spot for gators in places where they shouldn’t be. That’s real, you know? We have an entire program dedicated to helping when you find an alligator. Maybe a gator in a convenience store is an extreme example, but it happens. Or in your swimming pool, or on a golf course, there’s a team of people that are dispatched to go and remove the gators.

I saw at least some of those gator clips were pulled from real-life incidents. A lot of the trailer was, actually.

There’s, like, 22 million of us here. We’re not all twerking on top of cars speeding down the road. But certainly, they did pull from real instances.

The “Florida Joker” has been talking about wanting to get some money from Rockstar for his in-game doppelganger.

If Lindsay Lohan couldn’t get money out of Rockstar, I don’t know if the Florida Joker is going to. But it seems to be good for his brand. Do you know about his lore? Like, why he looks like the Joker?

I’ve heard none of this story.

He had a very tragic past. There were, you know, things that happened to him: He lost one of his best friends, he was engaged and then he wasn’t. He got these face tattoos as a way of having a rebirth, like, “I’m not Lawrence anymore.”

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