French luxury leather goods brand Goyard has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against renowned sneaker customizer Dominic Ciambrone, a.k.a. The Shoe Surgeon, according to the filing submitted to the Central District Court in California last week. News of the lawsuit was first reported by Sneaker Legal on X.

In the lawsuit, Goyard says it had not granted The Shoe Surgeon permission to use its signature canvas material on the customizer’s sneakers or lighters. Additionally, Goyard alleges that the materials used in the products were not acquired directly from the brand itself and cannot verify the authenticity of the materials used on The Shoe Surgeon’s custom pieces.

Goyard’s lawyers say they sent The Shoe Surgeon a cease-and-desist letter in June 2022 regarding the unauthorized use of materials and then again in July 2022 after not receiving a response from the customizer, but the accused products were removed from his website quickly after. Around Summer/Fall 2023, Goyard noticed that the infringing products were back on the market and were being promoted on The Shoe Surgeon’s social media channels.

Goyard alleges that The Shoe Surgeon’s use of its materials is a deliberate
intent to “ride on the fame and goodwill of Goyard’s brand and Marks” and as a way to profit off of Goyard’s intellectual property. The brand also accuses The Shoe Surgeon’s products of having misled and confused consumers into believing they’re genuine Goyard products.

In the complaint, Goyard is asking The Shoe Surgeon and its distributors to send them the remainder of its infringing products for destruction. The brand also asks the customizer to disclose its suppliers and manufacturers. It’s also seeking compensation for damages and court-related expenses.

The Shoe Surgeon did not respond to a request for comment regarding the litigation.

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