Of course, the campaign wouldn’t have been complete without another pantsless moment. In another grouping of shots, the Brazilian model stripped out of her jeans and threw on some socks in a low-key LA sweatshirt and white boxer shorts.

Frame/Erik Torstensson

Gisele Bündchen

Frame/Erik Torstensson

“Frame has always been about elevated simplicity and style in wardrobe staples,” Torstensson said in a press release. “The Frame woman is a multi-hypenate herself, she doesn’t want to think too hard about her look whether she is on or off-duty. She is effortless, elegant, and wears her clothes with an enviable air of insouciance. This campaign is a celebration of that attitude and lifestyle.”

It doesn’t get much more effortless and elegant than Gisele Bündchen, that’s for sure.

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