Asked about the bold fashion choice on the red carpet, Anderson told Deadline (via People), “[I wore it] for so many reasons. It’s brand appropriate.”

She explained to British Vogue that the dress was “brand appropriate” in several ways, actually. “Since my Instagram presence has been highlighting yonis since Sex Education landed on Netflix, and with the mantra of my brand G-Spot being to ‘prioritize pleasure,’ I wanted to bring this element into the design,” she said. “I’m so pleased Gabriela was up for the challenge!”

To emphasize the point, on her own Instagram post, Anderson tagged the look with #yonioftheday.

Of course, if you are, for whatever reason, offended by the artful vagina design on Anderson’s Globes gown, you can always choose to interpret the pattern as flowers. Once she was inside, Gillian Anderson told People her gown was, “covered in peonies!”

Wink, wink.

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