Of course there are some artists that I like. I really love Lucio Fontana for the colors but also for the intention of his work. And there are many things, but it’s very difficult to answer because it’s part of my instinct.

In September everything was new, and the celebrities that came to the show, some of them I met before but some of them I just met backstage. I told my team I wanted to build relationships. Maybe I would like them, maybe not. Paul Mescal is another example, because I met him in July, we had dinner together. With all the people that are a part of my campaigns, I don’t want to just pay them to do something. We decided to have him for the loafer campaign, and I said, Okay, he can be in the campaign, but I want to meet him. I don’t want to know him just on the set. So he comes to Rome, we have dinner together, we have lunch, spend time together. And now I can’t say we are friends, because friendship is something important and we need more time. But we have a really nice relationship. He knows my family, I met his sister and his brother. To me, this means humanity, and I like that.

And the same with Ryan Gosling. I met him for the first time at the show, and now I know him more. And I like that. I want to have joy when I do this job. I never want to forget, Gucci is something that I love and I’m proud to be here, but I think my life is more interesting than my job. Gucci is a job. It’s a part of my life, a very big part of my life, but I have my husband, I have my dogs, I have my family, I have my friends. There are many things that I love, that I want to do. It’s a part of me of course, because it’s an expression of myself, but I want to stay as Sabato.

Tom Ford has said something like: in order to be a successful women’s designer, you have to live and breathe it, 24/7. You can’t think of anything else. Your conception of the job is maybe updated for 2024.

When Julia Garner wore my dress to the Golden Globes, I saw her interview on the red carpet. They asked her about the dress and Gucci, but what I appreciated was she said that she loved to work with me because I’m a nice person. The dress is a dress. But the people? The dress is just for one night. Your personality is for life.

Tell me about the concept of the collection.

The concept is a mirroring of the September show. Mirroring means it’s not exactly the same, but I put a lot of things from September in the show. I’m opening the show with the same outfit.

Why did you want to do that?

What I did, I really loved. It was my first show for Gucci and I really believe in what I did, and this means I still believe in that.

You’re doubling down, in a way.

Yeah, it’s me. I want to make the people understand my vision. I think mirroring the show will help people understand what I want to do better. I just want to deliver a wardrobe of a collection. It’s my basic wardrobe. And after I’ll start to build an aesthetic on that.

What is your relationship with Tom Ford’s work at Gucci?

I never met him. I really appreciate him. You know what, the weird thing is, my first fashion piece that I bought was a Tom Ford jacket. It’s strange that now I’m here. I still have it. Of course now I’m different, I can’t wear it, I’m grown. But I would love to meet him. He’s iconic, he did a lot for Gucci but also for the fashion industry.

Do you have any pre-show rituals yet?



When I finish everything I just want to be alone and… phew.

And then what will you do after, once it’s finished?

My family comes to the show, and my friends. For sure I want to spend time with them. And hear the opinion of my mom and my husband, that’s it, they’re the only important ones in my life. And the day after, I’ll spend it thinking about the mistake of the show, if there are any.

What mistakes did you learn from the day after the first one?

The first show in the end was exactly what I had in my mind. I still love it.

So how do you feel right now, two days before your men’s show?

Honestly, I don’t feel the pressure. Not because I’m the best, I don’t think that, just because I deliver things that I like. And if I’m conscious about that, this is the good way to do this job. Because if I start to think about the critics or the comments—everyone will have a solution for something, or everyone wants to suggest something. This is the word: confident. I really love the collection, from look one to the last look. And I feel very confident.

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