Jacob Elordi is sort of like the lack of snow during an unseasonably warm winter: You notice when he’s not around. The Australian actor was absent from the Golden Globes on Sunday, enjoying some well-deserved downtime after spending the latter half of 2023 promoting Priscilla and Saltburn. How Elordi’s been spending his time off is anyone’s guess (he apparently always carries an array of engaging materials—“a book, a notepad, rolls of film, a camera, a pen”—to avoid boredom), but he thankfully hasn’t taken a break from getting easygoing fits off.

This week, Elordi gassed up his Range Rover in Studio City while wearing a leathery bucket hat, baggy Sandro jeans, hard-bottomed lace-up boots, and a weathered Warner Brothers crewneck sweatshirt, featuring Bugs Bunny chomping on a carrot and “Berlin” embroidered beneath the W.B. shield. A simple outfit to be sure, but even the description of the scenario provided by the paparazzi-photo-hosting agency Backgrid (“Actor Jacob Elordi was casually spotted pumping gas in Studio City, engaging in the routine task with a laid-back demeanor”) emphasizes his intrinsic style.

Los Angeles CA  EXCLUSIVE  Actor Jacob Elordi was casually spotted pumping gas in Studio City engaging in the routine...

Jacob Elordi in Los Angeles on January 10.

LESE/ Backgrid

Whether or not Elordi personally purchased his sweatshirt from a since-shuttered Warner Bros. Studio Store in the German capital (there are many near-identical versions floating around the internet from other metropolises, including Hollywood, New York City, Las Vegas, and Boston), it appears this particular garment has been in Elordi’s rotation for years: His ex-girlfriend Kaia Gerber wore it during one of their mid-pandemic strolls in 2020, and he was spotted in it again a year later.

But a true Elordicore outfit would not be complete without the actor having a book somewhere on his person, and this instance was no exception: he kept a slim paperback volume in his back pocket, and read it at the pump.

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