I genuinely sat on a log, and privately said to myself: “You’re getting too old for this shit.” And I don’t know if I have the stamina to do this. Really. This is day one of a nine-month experience, I am fuckin’… all systems are failing.

Day two, they had a cooling suit flown in, and I wore that, and levelled out, and was able to relax into it, and breathe into it.

When did you get to a point where you felt you’d really cracked it?

I’m gonna say a week into it, by the time we did a portion of a scene where we are walking across a parking lot, and it’s still extremely hot, where I’m about to sell Lucy to a group of people in order to get some medicine to stay alive a little bit longer.

By that day, I had it down. And then it kept evolving over time, and it would change… but I knew who he was, I knew how he walked, I knew how he talked. I felt confident enough that I could just be me inside this thing.

When you watch it back, do you see that growth in your performance?

Oh, you’ll see it, just because I mentioned it to you. If you watch that scene again, you will hear… cause maybe we looped some of it, but not much of it… that I’m having a [he affects a lisp, like his mouth is full of cotton balls] hard time talking, and there are moments where I’m talking with this retainer in my mouth [his voice returns to normal] and it’s hard to get the words out. You can see it. I’m battling against it. It’s like: Fuck, how do I get these words out of my mouth?

On the finale: were you aware of the significance of the line “War—war never changes” when you read it? It’s a very familiar line from the Fallout games.

I gotta be honest with you, I didn’t know that. I had no idea. And I am so happy I didn’t know that, because I would have been so intimidated by it.

So no one flagged it with you?

No one flagged me with it. No one told me that it was a line from the game.

It’s like, the line. It’s the equivalent of “Luke, I am your father.”

[He pauses.] Man, I had no idea. I had no idea. I swear to god. No one ever brought that up to me. No one ever said that. No one ever mentioned it to me.

Give it a little YouTube.

I’m never giving it a YouTube. I don’t want to know, you know what I mean? I don’t wanna compare it, because then I’d just be doing an impersonation of somebody else saying it.

It’s beautifully recontextualized in the show.

Oh, great, okay — if we pulled it off, and you believed it, then there we go. Thank god.

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