On Thursday night, GQ and Levi’s threw a party that’s become a new Paris Fashion Week tradition. And a highly anticipated one, if we do say ourselves. During the men’s shows, we take over local hotspot L’Avenue and tell all of our friends—the designers, editors, stylists, models, actors, musicians, artists, and other front row regulars—to come drink and dance and, hopefully, make some new friends along the way. This season, they answered the call in force. As the night’s first DJ, Giorgio di Salvo, got the sonics going, Dev Hynes held court upstairs while Gunna got the party started in the dining room. Palace co-founder Lev Tanju swept in with a crew that beelined for the dance floor, and designers like Nicholas Daley and Evan Kinori swapped stories with GQ’s global editors. By the time Pusha-T clocked in, Thursday had turned into Friday and Zack Bia was on the ones and twos, making sure nobody wanted to leave anytime soon.

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