Emma Watson recently surprised us with a new hair color, and her auburn is perfect for anyone who wants to subtly combine red and brown.

Now the actress appears on the cover of British Vogue with a style that we are taking a closer look at. After all, it’s a casual bun hairstyle, and we can never get enough of messy buns.

Watson wears a hairstyle that could easily appear in our favorite series Bridgerton. It’s a bun set high on her head, with lots of curls peeking out. French braids are also braided to the side at the nape of her neck.

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So how to get the style? Admittedly: It’s not just a twisted bun that you quickly fix in place with an elastic. You need to be able to braid and prepare your hair well beforehand.

It’s best to treat your hair with texture spray first and put it into curls. Then, braid your hair in French braids at the sides, making sure it is loose. Leave out the top hair or twist it into a bun at the top of your head. Let the ends of the bun hang out, even if they go into your face.

Voilà, a look just like Emma Watson’s.

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