Celebrities: we can hear them. We can see them. But we cannot smell them. We must rely on the reports of others regarding their aromas. And Emma Stone reports that Jennifer Aniston smells great.

Sometime during a Golden Globe Awards commercial break, Stone, Aniston, and Aniston’s The Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon posed for a picture, and as they arranged themselves close together, Emma Stone had a chance to get a whiff of the Friends star. “What is it? What is that? Is that what you always smell like?” she asked. “Yeah,” said Aniston. Confirmed Stone, “Jesus. You smell really good.”

The moment was captured on video and shared to the Globes’ TikTok, and the comments quickly filled with people saying they’d also heard tell of Aniston’s excellent odor, and wanted to know what it was.

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Well, we’ve got some theories.

Theory #1: Aniston’s discontinued perfume(s)

For a while in the 2010s, Aniston released a number of scents with names like Jennifer Aniston, J by Jennifer Aniston, Near Dusk, Beachscape, and Luxe. They’ve since been discontinued, but it’s not hard to find bottles for sale on Amazon, and presumably Aniston has access to any unsold back stock, should she choose to wear it (which she did in 2017, she told Bazaar).

Theory #2: Another perfume she likes

According to Women’s Health, the actor is partial to Cacharel’s Anais Anais.

Theory #3: Her hair care products

Aniston has a line of hair care products called Lolavie. Googling “what does Lolavie smell like” leads us to this People article, in which four different product-testers note the pleasant scent of the Restorative Shampoo.

Theory #4: It’s just her

Maybe her skin smells really good because she’s Jennifer Aniston!

If anyone can confirm or deny any of these possibilities, or suggest another hypothesis, do reach out.

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