The curse of being conventionally attractive—and seemingly averse to fabric—means that Emily Ratajkowski is capable of turning even a practical waistcoat into a libidinous tabloid headline. And so, the model left “little to the imagination” when she was photographed yesterday afternoon strolling through Paris in a canvas vest, drawstring cargo fatigues, and Miu Miu boots: a “VERY racy statement.”

Emily Ratajkowski is seen strolling around Paris on June 20, 2024.


The classic men’s waistcoat has fast become a style template for a certain kind of metropolitan woman. See: Jennifer Lawrence and Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney and Elle Fanning—all of whom, like Emily Ratajkowski, have decided to go bare-chested beneath their tailored vests as if making a tacit audition to be cast as the next Sally Bowles in Cabaret. Anne Hathaway compounded this ubiquitous trend earlier this week. (Though the cantankerous sun hat felt more Diane Keaton than London girl adrift in Berlin.)

The most famous person to have ever worn one of these things was, of course, Kate Moss. Images of the model tramping through the fields of Worthy Farm—polystyrene cup in one hand, cig in the other—have been featured in just about every nostalgic listicle this magazine has ever published. And though 2024’s reclamation of the waistcoat is a little more “Clean Girl” than “Glasto Girl,” it still inspires just as much tabloid fascination as it did back in 2005.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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