Demi Lovato recently performed at the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Concert to mixed reviews.

On January 31, Lovato stepped out on stage in a striking corseted red suit to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, according to the CDC. While no one could fault Lovato’s support of the AHA, many fans weren’t sure how to feel about the pop star’s choice to include their hit 2013 song “Heart Attack” on the set list.

“In poor taste or the perfect song?” one user asked on February 2, to which another replied, “Good Question.”

Of course, others had strong opinions. “I think heart attack should have been left off that list, considering there was a roomful of people who have had heart attacks,” TikTok user @jordycrayy said in one video response, which has been viewed over a million times and has over 152,000 likes. “I just don’t know the motivation behind that one.”

The TikToker continued, “It was for good cause and Debbie made sure to remind everybody that tonight was all about reminding women how important it is to advocate for yourself and to prioritize your health. If Demi’s asked to come back next year, just maybe keep that one off the setlist?”

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Though many TikTok users in comment section agreed, others suggested the song would have likely been approved by event coordinators or that it would have been “weird” to omit one of Lovato’s most famous songs. There was also a large contingent of fans who felt Lovato should have performed “Give Your Heart a Break” instead.

However, some defenders pointed out that Lovato personally experienced a heart attack as a result of their 2018 overdose, which she revealed in the 2021 docuseries, Dancing With the Devil. “Well Demi has also had a real heart attack/stroke,” one person commented on TikTok. “So I feel like if she’s ok with making light of it then they should be too.”

In response to the online discourse, Demi Lovato’s team decided to shed some light on the 31-year-old’s intentions. In an email to Entertainment Weekly, one of Lovato’s representatives explained that Lovato gave a “beautiful intro” to the song ahead of the performance, which EW confirmed with an attendee.

“She spoke on the mind-heart connection. It was a sensitive moment intended to champion the women in the room—the very reason why Demi was at the event,” Lovato’s rep wrote in the email, published on February 2. “She did open with a beautiful intro on why she chose the song and addressed the room, talking about the mind and heart connection. It was actually a beautiful moment.”

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